Platelet Rich Plasma:

Its thermoplastic plasma, the rich section of the troposphere is separated from blood after 8 ccof blood taken from the person, then placed on a special procedure and then injected into the scalp (planted area) by thin and small needle; it helps to renew the cells in scalp and helps the grafts to produce new hair.

The coast of hair transplant operation:

Hair transplant operation price depends on the diagnosis of the baldness of each person, also its up to number of grafts he need to get the perfect result for his case, at Estepalace the coast of hair transplantation is up to the high quality of plantation which each person need.

Mesotherapy treatment for hair:

After hair transplant operation some people need some treatments to support hair growth in the first period of the operation, also those treatment help people how have weak hair or hair lose especially women after pregnency.

The aim of these treatments is to control hair loss, to make hair stronger and to make it more active.

These treatments will be injected in the scalp which has weak hair or hair loss by thin needles and will long between 15 to 30 minutes, also it should be done according to time table with regular periods

The plasma is liquid serum extracted from the blood mixed with stem cells; which have materials help weak and exhausted cells in scalp to heal faster.

Mesotherapy treatment is the most positive way which makes hair stronger, it will done by three sessions, between each session 20 day.

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