Leg and Arm Straining Operation
Leg and Arm Straining Operation !

Leg and Arm Straining Operation

Leg and Arm Straining Operation

saggings on arms might appear due to weight loss and gain. This situation irritates woman especially when wearing sleeveless clothes. Minding the psychological effects, the patient’s demand seems justified.

Two techniques could be used in repairing the saggings in this region (betweem the armpit and elbow). The first is an surgical technique and the other is laser liposuction.

Laser liposuction is adequate in little sagging but extreme sags need surgical operation.

Scar is inevitable in between the armpit and elbow in surgical operations. The scar is a thin scar of 2 mm at most.

The person should make his/her own choice between sagging and scar.

Liposuction leaves no scar but this technique cannot be used with extreme sags. Arm corset should be used for 15 days after the liposuction.

sags due to skin looseness of inner sides of legs may both create an appearance problem and problem in clothing. It might also cause friction during walks.

It is possible to strain the skin following the liposuction and a better appearance might be achieved.

The suture should be bound to hipbone in this operation. Otherwise, the suture might not remain hidden in the groin and might descend.

A corset with pants should be worn for 20 days after the operation

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