Bandy Leg Plasty
Bandy Leg Plasty !

Bandy Leg Plasty

Bandy Leg Plasty

The deformity that occurs due to lack of sufficient volume in the region called inner calf under the knee is a serious problem of woman and young girls. This situation causes problems with lap or miniskirts.

To treat this situation, silicon plates or fillings might be used.

Plants might cause problems for a week after the operation. It is not possible to find plates fitting everyone’s sizes.

Fillings consist two groups.

1-Fat fillings applied after the fat taken by the patient is supported by PRP

2-Chemical long-term filling that do not harm the body

Both fillings might stay for 4-5 years. Fat fittings are permanent once done for 2-3 sessions. It is mandatory to apply chemical fillings between 4-5 years to the woman who have no fat.

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