Hair Transplantation At Estepalace !

Hair Transplantation Step By Step

First step of the surgery is to put marks on the donor and bald areas, with an estimate of hair losing stages in the future,also to give the person natural results even after several years of it.

Second step is to apply the local anesthetic on donor areas then extract grafts by micro motor machine and collect them carefully, to save them in serum with cold temperature, till the implantation.

In one stage we can take maximum between 4500 to 5000 grafts, if the density of hair in the donor areas is perfect, and in this case we will get the perfect results after 8 till 12 month after the operation, depending on the areas of implanted parts of the head, some cases if the patient has big baldness areas so we prefer to make the operation in two or three stages and between each stage at least 6 months.

Third step is opening channels in planted areas and this step will be done by Nagihan Akbas The specialist surgeon in hair transplant and she has 15 years of experience

This step is so important to give the hair growth natural result, opening channels will be in the same original hair direction also allow the hair to grow up in 45 degree on scalp.

Fourth step is the plantation; in this step our specialist medical staff will plant each graft in the specific place in the scalp.

After the operation we will cover the donor area by medical bandage, and the planted area should be uncovered, there are some instructions the patient should read it carefully to keep the planted area safe in the first period of the operation.

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